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Digital Photos of the Current Clinton A.M.E. Zion Chapel and the Heath Family Cemetery will be featured on this site.


The Man and Co-Founder for whom Clinton Chapel is Named.

Clinton Heath was born the son of slaves in 1852 in North Carolina. After slavery, as a young man, Clinton became known for his skill with farm animals. His chance meeting with a prosperous visiting New Jersey farmer offered him an opportunity to migrate to Middletown, New Jersey as a tenant farmer.

Clinton worked hard on the Edwin Beekman Farm, saved his money and soon bought land for his own home and farm. He was later to be mentioned in the book, THE STORY OF MIDDLETOWN by E.W. Mandeville.

Clinton landed a section-hand job with the New York and Long Branch Railroad Company, which led to a promotion as gate keeper at the Middletown Crossing; a job he held over 40 years.

First as a Tenant Farmer and later as a Railroad man, Clinton made many trips back to North Carolina to bring other friends and relatives to New Jersey for Employment.

Throughout the settlement and struggle in Middletown, Clinton and his brother Calvin (who would become the first minister) shared a dream for a Methodist church. In 1890, a small group of followers first met in a wooded grove to hold their worship services.

Their collective faith brought forth an indoor meeting place and gave rise to a new church building in 1910. It was destroyed by an arson fire in 1966, but was rebuilt with the help of the Middletown community.

Clinton's inherent love of church, home and community was to blossom in many dimensions. The citizens of Monmouth County and his youngest daughter, Bertha Clara Heath, made possible the construction and dedication of a new park activity building in 1981. The building serves as a popular Monmouth County location for annual Black History Celebrations, a permanent location for Heath Family artifacts and exhibits, and is named after both Clinton P. and Mary E. Heath.

The Clinton Chapel Tribute, which is featured on the left of this text, was designed by Walter S. and Susie M. Spradley.

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