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Moses D. Heath Farm
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The Moses D. Heath Farm - Lecture and Tour Schedule

The Moses D. Heath Farm is Open to the Public and School groups are welcome.
A wealth of history awaits eager minds of all ages, including the challenges found in The Children's Garden.  You Must Experience this Attraction At Least Once during your lifetime!  It's That Important!

Please feel free to Contact the Moses D. Heath Farm for Tour and Lecture Schedules.

Historic Barrel, Water Pump and Pots and Pans, and More!

A bicycle; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Historic Wagon Wheel and Buggy Parts

A water bottle; Actual size=180 pixels wide


Can You Guess What This Is?


How Did Early Americans Use These?


Yesteryear's Memorabilia


Let There Be Light!


Challenging Young Minds To Greatness!

A Recent Philanthropic Donation of Computers, Monitors and Related Audio-Visual Electronics Destined for the Three Little Pigs Computer Learning Center in the Moses D. Heath Children's Garden.


This was Someone's Bedroom Many Years Ago.


Here is a Hint!
Can You Guess Now?


Life Was the Struggle For Survival of the Fittest!


A Tool For Every Need!


Reading, Cooking, Bible Study, and Lighting the Way at Night. The Essential Lantern Light Source.